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APP TOUR YOU foresees a set of learning initiatives who will give to the project objectives a considerable added value, called « the blended learning experience » : a blended mobility of VET learners and a short-term joint staff training event, both organized in Assisi (IT) during March 2016.

a) The blended mobility of VET learners will involve representatives of the main target of the project: those SMEs and micro enterprises which will try to improve their skills in assessing and describing their facilities to be more effectively marketed to the target group of tourists with disabilities. They will go through the procedure that will be eventually followed by all the enterprises representatives who will enroll to the online MOOC training systems. An initial online self training on existing training platform for accessible tourism and then the face to face training, to be delivered in Italy, which will be used to train them on how to collect reliable and inclusive information, in order to allow them to act as tutors and guidance in the MOOC development. We consider extremely important that the trainees will be assisted on a peer-to-peer basis, by other service providers. The experience in Italy will, in fact, emphasize on the SMEs difficulty to understand the requirements of the information provision for tourists with disabilities and will offer them the possibility to clarify all possible doubts and shortcomings, so that their future action as tutors/facilitators will prove more effective (for instance a FAQ sheet on the contents of the course).

b) The Short-term joint staff training events will have the goal to homogenize the experience and background of the whole Partnership as to the methodologies for services’ assessment as well as involving them in the planning of the training materials to be included in the MOOC Toolkit. The project results will benefit from a unified way to plan and implement information provisions in the participating countries and, within the methodology which will allow for the results’ transferability, to the rest of the EU members. As a matter of fact one of the major problems, when it comes to the use of information by the tourists with disabilities is a lack of a common way to collect and evaluate them. The information which , at the end of each online training experience, will be loaded on PANTOU, will offer the tourists with a unique and homogeneous way of describing a tourism structure. This will represent a quality asset for the project sustainability as well as for each SME and micro enterprise adhering to the training offer. The skills acquired by the partnership will thus prove essential for the correct shaping of the MOOC training contents and for the enlargement of the participating audience.